Happy new year 

Before this year is gone,I hope you enjoyed it with fun,
It had obstacles and hardships though,

But you can overcome them as you grow,
Be positive for the next welling year,

Happiness will appear and everything will be clear,
Today is the last Friday,

In the year of sixteen,

I pray you have a good day,

A beautiful one and so green,
-Mohammed Arafat- 🌚🖊


Anti-settlements UN Resolution, what after?


Following the UN draft resolution, accompanied by warm ovation of 14 ambassadors, to end the illegal Israeli settlement activity on the Palestinian lands, some of the pessimistic people have come up with negativities about it! Some, especially in Palestine, have called it ‘ink on paper’; while others have said Israel will not care about it, and will not apply it! Some others have blamed Egypt for withdrawing it, and a lot were angry at it!

They might be correct, but that would change if they have read the fifth term of the resolution that urges the countries not to cooperate with the Israeli settlements, or offer Israel with help regarding the settlements.

The fifth term is obvious, and can be understood easily that any country would help Israel in anything regarding the settlements, would be held accountable internationally, especially by the UN Security Council. On the other hand, the term would put Israel under an international pressure because of the international boycott of settlements, which would affect its relations with other countries, especially in European. Though, this resolution needs other multiple resolutions that can strengthen and back it so Israel can stop building its activities against the Palestinians.

Regarding the Egyptian withdrawal of the UN draft, it would be not acceptable if the resolution was not called by other countries like Malaysia, New Zealand and Venezuela, but in the same time, Egypt has the biggest part in this ‘victory’ since it’s the only Arab country that began this draft despite its internal political and economic problems. Egypt has begun the first step, and then withdrew the resolution under pressure from other countries, which is possible to happen with any country.

Nevertheless, the UN Security Council’s declaration is not enough to force Israel to end the settlements on the Palestinian lands since we can see that obviously in the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address in the cabinet, refusing the resolution completely saying that it is a” very hostile resolution” against his country.

Meanwhile, the US administration has given the anti-settlements resolution a favor for not using the constitutional right of Veto to stop the vote, although Israeli government, which accused Obama and the US Security of State John Kerry of ratifying the resolution, had asked Obama to use the veto days before the vote.

The bottom line? Egypt is not mistaken, and as an Arab, I do strongly defend Egypt for what happened understanding the pressure it went through. Also, this resolution is crucial since it came after 36 years of silence and ignorance, and it is a sign for the Palestinian authority to roll up its sleeves and begin working on such resolutions! In addition, this vote is a victory for Palestine, Palestinians and the countries voted for it, and it is a message to those who never believe in the efforts of other supportive countries!


Mohammed Arafat

They wondered, “where is the real beauty?”

I said, “Palestine is where you find pride,”

They laughed, “it’s dreary, sullen, tattered and dried!”

I laughed back, “it’s blessed! And loving it is our duty!”

Mohammed Arafat

Days are not Rotten

A disastrous promise pinned,

But no one really sinned

Masses did not care,

Villagers had fear,

From a far distance, gangs came and settled,

Neighbors silenced and belittled,

Spies eased selling Palestine,

Yet gradually, they assured, “Everything is fine”,

1948 catastrophe and the war came,

Neighbors fought for us only for fame,

To leave their lands, villagers were forced,

Palestine was raped… and divorced

Thousands killed and others displaced,

Cloudy and unseen future they faced,

They left with their keys,

Crossing borders and risky seas,

They left holding memories from the past,

Holding things they wished to last,

Freeing groups appeared to revenge,

They wanted to liberate and avenge,

They fought, fought and fought,

Dreams and hopes were brought,

Refugees, shouted, celebrated and clapped,

But the groups, politically, were trapped,

Their efforts were politicalized,

Their successes, were no longer, socialized,

More catastrophes and crimes committed,

Massacres and wars permitted,

Refugees’ sadness deepened,

Their hopes were weakened,

Having their homes’ keys, though,

Hoping their children hold them when grow,

They just have one and only dream,

They want Palestine back and agleam,

Their memories can’t be forgotten,

Their past days will not be rotten,

Mohammed Arafat

Dad, Cover me!

Surrounded with bombs and harrowing jets,

She woke up asking her dad to cover her after losing her mum,

Her dad was sleeping beside her maybe dreaming of her future,

He was sleeping dreaming of how he will live for his daughter,

The old beautiful memories,

The memories of her, his wife and his son who was alive inside his mum,

He was dreaming of his country, Syria, and his stricken city of Aleppo,

He was having a nightmare of why no one cares about the war,

No one helps,

No one speaks up,

International organizations are silenced,

Government is committing massacres,

Its allies rape women and torture men,

The daughter was still asking her dad to cover her,

To cover her from the fear spread in air,

From the gun powder she smells,

From the darkness she lives,

She needs to be covered because of her loneliness,

Her sadness,

Her sickness,

She keeps asking her dad to cover her,

Cover me before it’s too late,

Cover me before the bombs target me,

Before they come and kill my dead mum in front of me,

Before they get out her four-months fetus out and kill him,

Cover me..

Cover me before they rape me,

Before they take you to nowhere,

Before they burn our home with their fires,

Dad, cover me before it’s too late,

He did not cover her,

She does not know her dad is already dead,

She does not know that she is also sentenced to death,

Her home is going to be destroyed,

Her memories,

Her beautiful past,

Her childhood,

Her Aleppo,

Her Syria,

Mohammed Arafat