The Palestinian Society is Collapsed

The Palestinian Society is almost collapsed! This isn’t something new we don’t know about, but this is the reality everyone should admit, and believe that it became our old friend!

In the past, our parents cared to have us educated in order to build a willing future, to build a Palestine, to have respect among others and so on. As they pushed those definitions in our small unripe brains, we cared too and went to schools getting high marks, maybe the highest in the world! Our parents were really correct when they told us that, but not anymore! Our concerns were about how to be doctors, teachers or engineers in order to develop our country since, as they used to tell us, we the youths are its metal pillars.

Well, we invested like 24 years educating ourselves, and we were so happy that youth literacy rate in our community is 98.2% or even more. However, this percentage did not rescue Gaza youths from collapsing and failure! Yes, it’s a failure, or even a fiasco. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus defined fiasco as something planned that goes wrong and is a complete failure, usually in an embarrassing way.

This is what’s happening now. Youths set plans for their future and then they fail to achieve them for something wrong happens. Some people think that it’s not failure since we all fail and try, but this rule cannot be applied in our society for a lot of reasons, one of which is EXPLOITATION!

If you just have a look at the rate of educated people who aren’t employed in Palestine you would be shocked! The rate is 70% as economists stated in 2014! The more shocking thing is that while thousands of educated youths are unemployed, there are thousands of uneducated youths do have jobs! The question is how?

Some people might say it’s because “as you sow, so shall you reap!”, but NO! It’s a big NO. The problem is that employers, whoever they are; whether they are businessmen or even politicians at governmental institutions, have a different sight towards educated people, and they like to exploit the youths. Here is how we can understand that:

I have a friend who was called for an interview in a local company. His major is secretariat. He was interviewed with about 130 others, most of who were educated. He did well at the interview, and the interviewer told him that the company pays about 500 NIS monthly for a secretary, which is less than 150$ for 12 working hours per day with one day off. He refused and he went home because he was embarrassed, and he did not expect that salary since he has a master degree!

Actually his story shocked me, but I really believed it since I know some clothing stores in Gaza pays from10 to 15 NIS (3 to 4USD) per day for a worker.

Hence, if my friend’s story happened with an uneducated youth, he would accept the offer because he did not waste most of his years on education like thousands of us!

That means businessmen fear to appoint educated youths because they know the more the youth is educated, the more his salary and remunerations are increased.

The other problem the society has is NEPOTISM, which causes corruption! If for example a politician has a job position for a typist at his office, and dozens of educated applied for this job while his cousin for example is uneducated but knows how to type, he chooses his cousin and he ignores the rest of applicants. This also happens in a lot of other communities!

The corruption nepotism causes divided the society into two parts; traders of patronage, and those who look for it!

The traders forget their patriotism and put it on sale just to satisfy their personal temptations, even if it’s over their patriotism and their loyalty towards their people and country. They just seek to suck money out from the citizens! The other part is the people who are faked and lied at by these traders. These people are just victims, whose crime is nothing but being citizens of a country that has no rules, no laws and no rights for its people!

Those having their education done regret now for wasting more than 25 years from their age on something helpless, as they believe! Thousands of youths leave schools now and choose to work inside Israel to survive. Thousands of educated youths are forced to leave Palestine in order to find a job in a European country so their families and they can survive. Dozens of educated choose death over life due to unemployment and because there is neither prospect nor future to build, so they choose to commit suicide!

Our political situation made us dream of only having just a job anywhere with any salary, even if it is over our dignity, the dignity that we almost lost due to the shame we live because we are Arabs! Our goal is only to survive after we were told that we are the ones who would be the pillars of Palestine.

Years ago, we were just steps from having a country like the rest of the world, but now it seems like we have to start over. Every side of our life is affected; electricity, water, employment, society, corruption and a lot of other things.

I think the dream of having a Palestine is almost dead now! The battle is now between the ones who compete each other to steal more from the victims who believed that the responsible ones would solve their problems and make Palestine great again. Let’s together look how far we are from the real Palestine we have been dreaming of! Let’s together just imagine how things would be if nepotism and egoism isn’t created now. Let’s together feel how much Palestinians would be respected and welcome if we aren’t who we are now.

I don’t know what’s going on inside the political closed rooms, but what I know so far is that things are getting from bad to worse while there are no solutions in the sight but more stealing, more corruption and more fake promises, while Palestine is being lost. This must end before we say it’s too late…

Mohammed Arafat



I hated being inside my mom’s womb,


I hated being inside my mom’s womb,

even though it was safe like a conch shell!

I wanted to see the beautiful life I heard about inside,

the good moments and the fresh air!


Hitting the uterine wall,

I was given birth, finally!

When I was born, I was based on the pure.

I cried once breathing the life’s air,

farewelling my mom’s,

wondering if it was a joyful cry,

or because I left the womb!


Well, like stupid I opened my eyes to life and smiled.

It was a fake smile though.

Family forced me to smile… because I had no choice.

They all knew it was fake,

so they wanted to bequeath me the fake smile.


They kept promising me of beautiful moments,

a bright future,

a good job, and a car,

a wife and my own house!


I was bought some toys to play with my depraved neighbor.

He played with me, stole my toys and threw stones at me!

That time my dad taught me to be patient with the neighbor,

not to hit him, not to hate him, not to be violent!


I grew up and became a student at school.

Being happy about my new bag,

I stuck my tongue out to other pupils.


They were my foes,

They laughed at me because of my worn out shoes,

my shabby slacks,

my curly hair,

and the cute lisp I have!


I went to university though.

I wouldn’t be welcome if I did not pay fees,

so I collected some… and paid them!

Some friends loved me, others did not.

It all depended on self-interests!


Life went on,

but I saw nothing as promised by my family,

by friends who loved me,

by the ones who cared.


I kept learning and going to university,

hopefully one of the promises could come true!


Well, I finished my four years at university,

and nothing changed!

Lonely, I stayed home like the more than 150,000 graduates,

battling my dreams and the reality,

wondering which was the real truth!


To overcome my the fight, I kept watching TV shows,

of other countries and how they live,

of their youths and how they are treated,

of the educated people and how they are respected,

of the talented youths and how they are cared about!


It was an amazing moment, but not for so long!

Power was cut,

and I came back to my loneliness,

and the long battle,

which became my old friends!


After being an adult,

An understanding adult,

Someone knowing life well,

I realized two things,

In Gaza, no promises, no dreams…


Mohammed Arafat







Jerusalem clashes, how does the world react?


Since Friday morning, the area of Jerusalem and around it witnessed a fierce spike in violence between Palestinians who protested the installation of metal detectors at the gates of the Old City in response to an attack by a Palestinian gunman there, and the Israeli police standing on those gates. As a result, the world started to be concerned by this crisis, asking both sides to calm down.

In a joint statement, the USA, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations said that they “are deeply concerned by the escalating tensions and violent clashes taking place in and around the Old City of Jerusalem”. They also called both sides to restraint.

In addition to that, Egypt, France and Sweden requested a meeting at the UN Security Council to discuss this issue urgently.

Palestinians, especially those living inside and near Jerusalem, refused what happened around the golden mosque! Jerusalem’s senior Muslim cleric, Grand Mufti Muhammad Hussein, said that he rejects Israeli restrictions at the Al-Aqsa.

Likewise, Ismail Haniya, Hamas Political desk, said during his sermon on Friday, urged that Palestinians shall not enter Al-Aqsa mosque through metal detectors, and that, “we are acting to bring Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem back into the embrace of the Arab world!”

A lot of Arabs living inside Israel believe that things will get worse if Israel does not stop its procedures. Arab member of Israeli keenest, Taleb Abu Arar, stated that the Israeli actions at the Mosque and changing the status quo by placing metal detectors, will necessarily lead to a third intifada, “that already began today.”

Ahmad Tibi, who is also an Arab member in the Keenest, said that the Israeli government and its head, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, are responsible for the clashes and those who died during them.

“Netanyahu said there are metal detectors in mecca, but mecca is not under occupation!” added Tibi.

On the other hand, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has cut his visit to China and came back to Palestine. As soon as he entered his presidential office in Ramallah, he had a meeting and decided to freeze all ties with Israeli government in all levels, “until recent decisions on Al-Aqsa backtracked.”

However, It is not clear if that means security coordination between Israeli forces and the PA forces will be halted.

Relatively, People of Gaza, who also protested against the detectors, feared that this crisis would reflect on them negatively.

Mohammed Abu-Aref, Gazan graduate, said Gaza might witness a war very soon since things in Jerusalem are really worsened!

“Whenever something happens in Jerusalem or in the West Bank between Israelis and Palestinians, Israel tries to deliver the crises to Gaza by starting a new war” Added Mohammed.

Emad Salama, a Palestinian Imam, stressed his absolute rejection of the electronic gates!

“We are Muslims, and we have to enter our mosque whenever we want, and without entering the gates through those metal detectors!”

Israeli procedures faced growing criticism from the Muslim world. Jordan, where thousands staged protests against the metal detectors, appealed to Israel to remove the devices as soon as possible.

Demonstrations were also seen in Turkey, Egypt and many Muslim and Arab countries!

Turkish PM, Binali Yildirim, said his country is in touch with Israel to try to end the crisis, saying that limits imposed on Muslim prayers would not contribute to a solution.

Pope Frances appealed for moderation after what the old city witnessed. He also invited others to pray with his so both sides would reconcile.

“I feel the need to express a distressed appeal for moderation and dialogue.” Expressed Pope.

The situations in Jerusalem are getting from bad to worse, while there are no solutions in the sight! International efforts are being done, but Palestinians assert that electronic detectors must be taken away, while Israel says it will not back off!


Mohammed Arafat





The Bride of Gloom




Located in a magic city,

the golden dome is aloof.

She is there for the eternity,

with a peace raised on its roof!


You are always carried on my rough palms,

holding you deep in my upset heart.

your soul is stronger than bullets and bombs.

Dreaming of you, you are a big part!


Occupation will never last,

neither will the hate.

It will become from ugly past.

It is not too late!


For you, I am here,

and will never say goodbye!

Talk, talk, I can hear.

On you, I will keep my eye.


Complain to me, wail, and mourn.

Tell me they deep hurt and hurt you,

tell me your agony since born.

I am here and everyone too.


Prayers will come back to pray,

and knee to say Amen.

Blockade will soon go away,

and you will smile again!


Mohammed Arafat


Photo by me.


A Scream from Heaven


From deep above this grey sky,

a scream comes from heaven.

The people of this enclave

experience a catastrophe,

an endless siege and blockade.

Accused of being innocent,

they can’t say a word!


Friends become enemies.

Foes become dudes.

It is just complicated,

with three harrowing wars,

removed the whole city,

filled it with blood and destructions,

bullets holes and dust,

sad memories and hopelessness,

tombs and graves of braves.


But the people survive…

They still smile and smile,

forgetting sorrow for a while.

They create happiness from nothing,

reality from dreams,

joy from horror…


Mohammed Arafat

War Machine can’t Blind Me


Putting his hands on his bloodstained shirt
that his mom bought when he graduated from the high school,
he can’t believe it!

Making sure he is not shot, he looks over at his left.
He finds nothing but his demolished home,
his wounded mom, and the amputee sister!

He looks at his right, where he had memories,
beautiful memories of his childhood,
his friends and neighbors,
his little swing hung on his grandfather’s old olive tree.
He wishes he weren’t 23 years old.
23 years is the distance between his left and right.

He looked at the grey sad skies,
where there were gardens through which water flows.
He enumerates what can be found there,
toys, books, love and adventures!

He wondered were to go and which side to imagine.
His past where there is love and happiness,
the present where his family is about to die,
or the future where there is paradise!
For him, it is a very challenging decision!

While imagining, someone comes,
shoots his mum,
his sister too before taking her last breath!
He then comes and stamps on his face,
making him forget his past, his memories,

He still has his future though,
that no one can take from him,
where happiness is found,
where family is found,
where paradise is found,

May the kids of the world be saved from the war machine!

Mohammed Arafat