Gaza Hopes are High


Hopes of Palestinians in Gaza are very high a week before the consensus government arrives to the Strip from Ramallah next week. News resources stated that 450 government and security figures are going to accompany the governmental delegation to Gaza on Monday.

“Along with the Palestinian government, its authorities and all of its security agencies, I am heading to the Gaza Strip on Monday.” Rami El-Hamadallah posted on his Facebook page today.

The news about the Palestinian government going to the Strip and dissolving the Hamas’ administrative commission in Gaza are not the only hopes on sight. UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nikolay Mladenov, arrived to the Strip today and promised to do his best to support the Palestinian conciliation, rebuild the enclave’s infrastructure and solve the electricity problems.

On the other hand, American President promised to have the deal of the century between Palestinians and Israelis, which is confirmed and agreed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which would change this political game. Other resources asserted that Egyptian President, Abdulfatah El-Sisi, is going for a tour to the Gulf Countries just to take care of the support of the Palestinian-Palestinian reconciliation.

The bottom line, Gaza is sure going to have a new birth, if not in the coming days, in the coming months. Eyes, ears and hearts of the Gazans, being patient for 11 years, are waiting for the final declaration that Gaza is no longer left alone!

Mohammed Arafat



When My Country Has Tears


Oh, I am having this poem pinned
to the steady people of Palestine.
I know I am against the wind,
but I hope it is a unity sign.

When my country has tears,
when its sun has no light,
when its lands have no cheers,
when its moon hides at night,

we should know there is a very deep rift,
which can be healed by nothing
but being united.. it is a gift,
a sweet boon, and everything.

Yes, we have different stories.
We are strangers with cultures,
but we better have glories
since we have been strong vultures,

Yes, you are yellow and he is green.
She is with red, they are with black.
Yet, we can be one as it is been,
and to each other, to come back,

We forever will be weak
unless the deep rift is healed.
To each other, let us speak,
and for wronged, to be a shield.

Mohammed Arafat

In Gaza, No Promises… No Dreams

I hated being inside my mom’s womb,
even though it was safe like a conch shell!
Inside, I wanted to see the beautiful life I heard about,
the good moments and the fresh air!
Hitting the uterine wall,
I was given birth, finally!
When I was born, I was based on the pure.
I cried once breathing the life’s air,

_In Gaza, There is Pride but not Dreams_
I hated being inside my mom’s womb,
even though it was safe like a conch shell!
Inside, I wanted to see the beautiful life I heard about,
the good moments and the fresh air!
Hitting the uterine wall,
I was given birth, finally!
When I was born, I was based on the pure.
I cried once breathing the life’s air,
farewelling my mom’s,
wondering if it was a joyful cry,
or because I left the womb?
Well, like stupid I opened my eyes to life and smiled.
It was a fake smile though.
Family forced me to smile… because I had no choice.
They all knew it was fake,
so they wanted to bequeath me the fake smile.
They kept promising me of beautiful moments,
a bright future,
a good job, and a car,
a wife and my own house!
I was bought some toys to play with my depraved neighbor.
He played with me, stole my toys and threw stones at me!
That time my dad taught me to be patient with the neighbor,
not to hit him, not to hate him, not to be violent!
I grew up and became a student at school.
Being happy about my new bag,
I stuck my tongue out to other pupils.
They were my foes,
They laughed at me because of my worn out shoes,
my shabby slacks,
my curly hair,
and the cute lisp I have!
I went to university though.
I wouldn’t be welcome if I did not pay fees,
so I collected some… and paid them!
Some friends loved me, others did not.
It all depended on self-interests!
Life went on,
but I saw nothing as promised by my family,
by friends who loved me,
by the ones who cared.
I kept learning and going to university,
hopefully one of the promises would come true!
Well, I finished my four years at university,
and nothing changed!
Lonely, I stayed home like the more than 150,000 graduates,
battling my dreams and the reality,
wondering which was the real truth!
To overcome the fight, I kept watching TV shows,
of other countries and how they live,
of their youths and how they are treated,
of the educated people and how they are respected,
of the talented youths and how they are cared about!
It was an amazing moment, but not for so long!
Power was cut,
and I came back to my loneliness,
and the long battle,
which became my old friend!
After being an adult,
An understanding adult,
Someone knowing life well,
I realized two things,
“In Gaza, I have pride, but not dreams…”
Mohammed Arafat ©

What Muslims did for Harvey Victims




As the American State of Texas is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, described by officials as one of the largest disasters America has ever faced, we should not forget what American Muslims did for the victims. Mosques across the state have been turned into shelters, providing, “a dry place to stay, food and emotional support for displaced residents.” Stated the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) on its website.


The society has partnered and still with Muslim charity Baitulmaal, which is making hygiene products, food and water available to those in need.


In addition to the high number of Muslim volunteers, including 50 doctors, who were ready to offer their services to the victims, the society has also been fundraising, both money and additional supplies, from the Muslim community across the United States.


M J Khan, president of the Society, said that the society has mosques all over the greater Houston, and that, “If you have no place to go, go to your neighborhood mosque.”


Khan also said that Islam teaches Muslims to help others, and that it’s a must. “This is an obligation, a religious obligation to help others. When you give, you don’t give only to your own family.… You give to anybody who needs help.” Added khan.



Mohammed Arafat