Memory From Srebrenica


The beautiful skies were grey that night.

So dark it was, but not night though.

Unlike every day, it wasn’t bright.

I got my wrap and hid below.

Far away from my father and mother,

I still don’t remember where they were.

In the other room, there was my brother,

and my sister… I couldn’t find her!

That frightening time, I was four years old,

when unknown army attacked our home.

I thought it was tale my granny has told,

but it was real, and ended with a tomb.

I heard them breaking the door,

with their big shoes full of mud.

I screamed, “Mom, is it the war?”

“Mom, I don’t want to see blood.”

Neither she nor daddy talked.

My small siblings were hushed.

Towards me, a soldier walked.

He grabbed me out and rushed.

I started to scream and to cry.

Looking all round me, I saw nothing but death.

It was my parents, brother and my…

They even killed my sister.. She had no breath.

Outside my old home, I just saw no lane.

Neighbors, trees, pets were gone.

Just mess, I had no words to explain.

The Srebrenica massacre had begun.

I was taken to a far camp,

where men, elders and boys were beaten.

On us, soldiers started to stamp.

I bled, I felt like I was eaten,

Women’s mourns were heard.

Army began to hit them and rape.

Though, they had no word.

From the monsters, they could not escape.

So tired I was, so I passed out.

Never woke up until I was taken,

to some place I never heard about,

It was with almighty God, in heaven!

Mohammed Arafat




The Glorious Girl


The Glorious Girl

She stands like a lioness,

among judges and walls,

chained and cuffed with faithfulness,

Ahed faces the falls,

The crowded court becomes a den.

It’s a big honor for her,

which is written by every pen.

Does it matter what will occur?

A small child she is, with pride.

Yet, in darkness she is put,

“Has the humanity died?”

She wonders,” or stamped by foot?”

Why slapping a soldier, she is asked,

“To defend my nation, freedom and peace,”

“To protect my home when soldiers massed….”

“Palestine is oppressed!!” she said in peace,

Her father cries, her mother too,

The asker soon nods his dead,

Audience says, “the answer is true,”

“Let justice and salaam spread!”

Mohammed Arafat