Trump’s Deal: A Solution or a Curse?

After meeting with Egyptian President and Jordanian King, US Kushner met today with the Israeli Prime Minister discussing President Trump’s ‘Century Deal’ or ‘Peace Deal’. After then end of the three-hour long meeting, the Israeli Haaretz daily reported on Friday that the plan is due to be proposed by the US administratoin, and will reportedly include offering Abu Dis town (East of Jerusalem) to become the capital of a future shrunk Palestinian state instead of Jerusalem, in exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

According to the American vision of the peace plan, Israel will have to separate from four neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, Shu’fat, Jabal al-Mukaber, Isawiya and Abu Dis, and transfer it to the Palestinian Authority and separate it from Jerusalem. Israeli on the other hand will not be asked to withdraw from Israeli settlements in Aghwar.

Responding to the leaks, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) on Friday said that the American moves in the region, which come under the title of “improving the humanitarian situation in Gaza” constitute a great contradiction with the recent US positions which included reducing its contributions to UNRWA and cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority.

At the same time, reports from Gaza states that Hamas would be ready to reach a long ceasefire with Israel in exchange of having an airport and a seaport in addition to improving Gaza humanitarian situations.

What’s going to happen, in my point of view, is that politicians will try to convince Palestinian leadership and the Arab leaders to make a Palestinian State in the Gaza Strip and in some parts of the West Bank, a step Palestinians will compete refuse. However, Palestinians of Gaza have been waiting for any solution that can end their decade-long siege imposed on the enclave in 2007. So will Trump’s Deal be the breeze they have been waiting for, or it will be a curse that would worsen the Palestinian case and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

Mohammed Arafat



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