Emigration: New Phenomena Gaza Youth Face



Guess what? After the Raffah crossing is open since the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan for the first time, Gaza people, especially youths, found their way to ‘emigrate’ outside the enclave. The decade-long siege, the unemployment, which increased to more than 80%, and poverty are among the most important reasons that led some of the unemployed, even the employed, youth in the Gaza Strip to emigrate abroad to secure their future.

Recent reports stated that more than 13,000 of youths with mature minds and dreamed sights from Gaza have left the Strip during last month, which is a shocking number, while Facebook unofficial pages posted names of famous talented doctors from Gaza who also emigrated outside!

Gaza has an exceptional high education rate and young population; one-fifth of the population has a bachelor’s or associate degree, and 64 percent are under 25 years old. The literacy rate is 96.9 %, which could be the highest compared to other advanced countries! This means Gaza can be as advanced as other spots of the world IF situations get better.

Despite the fact that most Arab youths try to leave their countries due to the lack of work and stability, Palestinians are the most seekers to emigrate as they live in the largest open prison. As the youths finished their university, their goal turns to find a safer place than Gaza, especially after local and international organizations warned that Gaza will be unlivable in 2020!

‘Silent Immigration’ of Palestinians youths from Gaza to other countries sounded the alarm already, and real social catastrophes would begin ending up Gaza social ladder, which would need international efforts to be done in order to be stopped.

If the Palestinian and the Israeli decision makers, however, don’t try to solve the catastrophic economical and humanitarian situations of the Gaza Strip as soon as possible, Gaza will be empty of youths, who are the power and the soul of the besieged Strip.

Mohammed Arafat



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