Super Blood Wolf Moon to be visible in Chile this night


First Publish at Chile Today

ANTOFAGASTA – Some parts of the world are waiting for a very rare phenomenon tonight, in which they will be able to see the full eclipse of the Moon as it journeys through its cycle, and the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon, causing a phenomenon known as a super blood wolf Moon.

Not to be repeated before 2021, the phenomenon will be visible from North America, Western Europe, Africa and South America.

In the Middle Ages, this type of eclipse was called “super blood wolf Moon” by Native Americans, as it caused wolves to howl regularly.

As appeared on, the three-hour eclipse will start at 11:35 p.m., Santiago Time and will be seen throughout Chile. In total, it will last for more than five hours, as the Moon exits the Earth’s shadow by 2.48 p.m.

To watch this rare Moon, Chileans started gathering in the centrals of cities, and some are waiting by their windows to take commemorative photos.

The lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are very closely aligned, with Earth between the other two. A lunar eclipse can occur only on the night of a full moon.

When the Earth blocks the Moon, the Earth’s atmosphere will scatter blue and green light waves from the Sun’s rays, but the longer red and orange  ones will pass through and be refracted around Earth and bathe the Moon. This creates the so-called “super blood wolf Moon” that will only be visible in parts of the planet where you can see the lunar eclipse.

Mohammed Arafat

Piñera in Antofagasta: “We’ll close the borders with machetes if necessary”


Published at Chile Today

ANTOFAGASTA – President Piñera paid the northern region of Antofagasta a visit, discussing government investments and a new migration law. The northern borders of Chile suffer from illegal migration. For Piñera reason for some violent language, threatening to defend the Chilean borders with “machetes if necessary”.

“This program intends to invest US$41 billion,” Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera started his speech on Thursday in front of La Portada, a tourist icon in the northern city of Antofagasta. He was talking about the Regional Development Plan for Antofagasta, even though (or because of) residents say the government forgets their region while it’s the biggest producer of copper in the area.

The president’s plan has four pillars: employment growth, territorial development, security and protection, and health and education. In addition, he announced that work will be done to improve the quality of inhabitants’ life, infrastructure, telecommunications, tourism, housing and mining.

“It never happened in the history of this region that the Chilean government invested as much as what we will invest over the next four years, and the next government should continue with this work.”

Considered the heart of copper production, the Antofagasta region has a noticeable growth of employment,especially in the cities of Antofagasta and Calama. For this reason, Piñera said that new roads to connect Carmen Alto with Calama, Antofagasta with Iquique, and Caldera with Antofagasta will be built, as well as new water networks.

The municipality of Antofagasta already started implementing new plans for new housing for thousands of residents. However, the president pointed out that his government is planning new housing solutions for more than 14,000 families and will begin closing three refugee camps in the region.

Defend the borders with “machetes”

President Piñera also mentioned some details about Chile’s new immigration law, and that the government intends to have new immigration regulations to have secure borders. He promised to close the borders and defend them with a “machete” if necessary.

“We will close our doors to stop those who come to cause damage, to commit crimes and those who come to alter public order,” he added.

In spite of that, Piñera welcomes those wanting to enter Chile for tourism or trade saying that, “our philosophy is simple; our doors are open for those who want to come and to comply with our laws and to those who want to develop Chile.”

After his trip to Antofagasta, Piñera wants to pay a visit to the Region of La Araucanía on Monday, January 28. This would be the second trip there, after the death of Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca last November.  Nonetheless, sources said that an exact date for the visit has yet to be confirmed .

Floating library the Logos Hope aims to bring hope


First Publish at Chile Today

ANTOFAGASTA – Cultural, religious, and literature books; social activities; conferences; and family reunions are all available on the German Ship, Logos Hope, which arrived at the Port of Antofagasta on January 4. Operated by the German Christian charitable organization GBA Ships (Gute Bücher für Alle, in English “Good Books for All”), this ship features a mobile bookstore, restaurants, and stages, that individuals, groups, and families can access for nominal fees.

Having a team of more than 60 Christian volunteers from all over the world, the Logos Hope announced two weeks ago on its Facebook page, “Tell everyone that the Logos Hope boat is coming to Antofagasta, Chile! Visit the largest floating bookstore in the world, be part of its events and find your international team from more than 60 countries! Be part of this exciting visit!”

At the main entrance to the Port of Antofagasta, international volunteers welcome Chilean visitors to the ship.

Once on the ship, a guide introduces the visitors to the Logos Hope before they are free to explore the bookstore, which has thousands of religious, cultural, and literature books. Most of the books are also available for sale at reduced prices.

The Logos Hope: from ferry service to library

Originally built in 1973 for car ferry service between Malmö, Sweden, and Travemünde, Germany, the ship is now owned and operated by OM Ships International; and, since 2009, it has been part of OM Ships International’s global Christian training and outreach movement.

Over the years, OM Ships International has visited 480 different ports in 151 countries and territories and welcomed over 46 million visitors onboard. The Logos Hope is the fourth ship in a series of ships devoted to its Ship Ministry.

Pavel Martínez, spokesperson for media on board said in an interview with ABC that the ship aims to share cultures among countries, and that it also “offers donations of books to orphanages and schools, water filters, water and reading glasses in addition to participates in implementing projects in different parts of the areas it visits.”

Among the requirements to be a volunteer on board, one must speak English, be 18 years or older, and Christian.

The Logos Hope will leave Antofagasta on January 24. According to the ship’s official sitethe Logos Hope will next visit Valparaíso (arriving January 29), Lirquén (February 12), and Punta Arenas (March 6) in Chile, before departing for Argentina in the middle of March.

Mohammed Arafat


In Front of Me


Published at Hello Poetry

I start having nightmares before the beginning of any war.

During my sleep, I remember my sisters and brothers,

who played, smiled, loved, and were loved before.

I remembered my mother and the rest of the mothers.


During my sleep, I thought of my school,

the kindergarten and the friends of my niece.

I thought of my swing, my toys and the big pool.

I realized I would miss living free in peace!


The war waged, and I saw what no one has seen.

In front of me, they got ready for the battle.

They brought tanks, guns and an F16.

With hate, they were rushing just like a cattle.


Guns made in East and West pointed at me.

I saw no birds, but warplanes flying over the skies,

bombing, not caring about a he or a she.

I saw blood, felt sorrow and heard cries.


They destroyed my family house,

burnt my books and broke my pen.

They murdered my brother’s spouse,

and threatened to kill me again and again.


Black smokes surrounded me from everywhere.

Big explosions hitting here and there sounded.

Toys broken on the ground, balloons flying in air.

Despair spread, fear planted, hatred rounded.


Despite the war, I raised my hands and prayed,

that I get back to my home where I played,

that peace come and never be delayed,

and that my freedom will never ever fade!

Mohammed Arafat





A Permit to See my Beloved

First Publish at: Hello Poetry
The separation wall surrounds me,
It’s everywhere, I even can’t see, It’s unwanted and very high,
Sometimes I wish I can just fly,
Out of my big jail,
Which made my face so pale,
They separated our land,
Where I really cannot stand,
My family is in the other side,
In the land, which is already occupied,
I want to hug them,
I want to kiss my mother’s hands,
And her feet,
I want to….
I want to see my father,
My nieces and nephews.
It’s a dream, a big dream.

My first love is behind the wall,
Despite it, in love we did fall,
I delayed my wedding for five years,
We longed a lot, and shed tears,
Sometimes I escape the watchtowers,
To hear her voice, and throw some flowers,
Sometimes I try climbing the wall’s stones,
But I fall, breaking my young bones.

We have a very big farm of citrus and fruits,
I missed its trees, the branches and its roots,
My grandfather waits for me since a decade,
To help him watering the plants, which are fade.
I am on one side of the wall, and he is on another,
I have none, and he has my father, mother and brother.

My old friends are stuck as well,
With letters, they tell me their life is hell,
Unsmiling soldiers with helmets are everywhere,
Without permits, I cannot go anywhere,
neither to the old city nor to the capital,
Neither to my family, nor to my beloved.

Mohammed Arafat